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Hello, I'm Tully and this is my tarantula/spider appreciation blog! Feel free to submit or ask me anything, but make sure you read my submission guidelines <3
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I last cleaned it late July. I was going to clean it this week.
t-ppreciation t-ppreciation Said:

you should probably clean it then. you dont need to clean out the tank too often, but if there’s mold, parasites, or if it starts to smell bad, then you should clean the tank.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is it okay to put my T back in the tank if the coco substrate is semi-damp?
t-ppreciation t-ppreciation Said:

that depends on what kind of tarantula you have. some tarantulas will hate it but others wont mind.


Some better pictures of the second mating attempt of my Psalmopoeus irminia pair. This time they didn’t shame me with incompetance and they got the deed done with no fuss and him only bumping into her and freaking out the one time :D

Mucked about with these a little in photoshop, just adjusting brightness and shit as well as cropping out stuff like large amounts of plastic tub. Hence the irregular sizes of the pictures.

With any luck I should have some baby irminias in a few months.


Redid the P. metallica from the blue arthropod set. Added mroe hair and fixed the obnoxiously strong blue that made my eyes hurt XD





I hope we can be friends. I wish I wasn’t so scared of you tho :/ #Peter #spider #tarantula #pet #notmine #lol


Ceratogyrus darlingi " Burst horned baboon "


Acanthoscurria geniculata " Brazilian giant whiteknee "


Pterinochilus chordatus " Kilimanjaro Mustard Baboon “


Pterinochilus lugardiFort Hall Baboon “